Subway Surfers Rio

Subway Surfers Rio

So we where right, that after the time limit on Tony the special New York and time limited character expired we expected an update to the playable level and today and update came through on Google Play with some new screen shots for Subway Surfers Rio. Heres the important question where will the next destination be with it be another American / South American location.

The update for Android is just under 22mb

Your now running through the jungle with huge palm style leaves leave over hanging. The passenger trains look like an old British Rail colour scheme with yellow top and bottoms with blue middles the cargo style trains are now carrying red containers and have blue bottoms, the ground is also quite sandy / muddy coloured.
When your hoovering above the train tracks been powered by the paint rocket pack you can see the carnival bunting is up and ready.

You will also notice that the app icon for Subway Surfers has also changed and now has a Rio styled background over the high skyscrapers for the New York Edition.

So whats different in the update all head starts are now Mega, over the standard and Mega options you had before. Also the security guard is now a Brazilian guy but hes still slow and has a green uniform.

Other than these few changes everything remains the same as Subway Surfers New York. Unfortunately there’s no option to roll back to allow you to play the New York level.

Yes there is also a special new character Carmen, shes dressed in all her festive gear as well.

Subway Surfers Rio

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