Subway Surfers Miami

Subway Surfers Miami

So here we are in sunny Miami getting ready to void that pesky i and his toy dog.

No major changes here to game play and all trains are still longer and thinner than they where in the earlier versions of Subway Surfers World Tour Stops. In fact some of these trains are the longest with 5/6 units.

The special Miami character for Subway Surfers Miami is Nick a proper cool dude with his shutter shades and his purple vest top


The colors are as you would expect From Miami very pink and over the top with a good mixture of pastel shades in there as well.

So 16 days until the next destination where will we be going next, below is a chart with previous destinations and special’s

Tony (New York Edition) 95,000 coins
Carmen (Rio Edition) 95,000 coins
Remie (Rome Edition) 95,000 coins
Kim (Sydney Edition) 95,000 coins
Harumi (Tokyo Edition) 95,000 coins
Nick (Miami Edition) 95,000 coins

Could we be destined for a trip to Europe.


Subway Surfers Miami

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