Below we have compiled a current list with pictures of all the Subway Surfers playable characters including Specials.

We cant see that there is any difference in playing one character over another during the game, but this is something that might be added later on in the game


Jake is the first, main and default character in Subway Surfers. He come complete with his cool branded cap and some how manages to run with his hood up, if he took it down it might make him faster. He has tight skinny jeans on which flare out at the bottom like bootcut jeans.


Shes looks like shes keen on health and fitness so long running should not be a problem for her. Shes got blonde hair Blue hair, where her hair up in a pony tail with a blue bobble and a red head band.

She wears a white fitness training style top which exposes her tum. Denim Hotpants over 3/4 length leggins. White socks with red piping around and fancy red sneakers with white trainers.
Tasha Costs 30,000 coins.


With His bronzed skin and beach blonde hair Brody is one of the coolest surfers and you can have a surfing game without it featuring a surfer of some kind.

He has his sunglasses on his hair and he wears a skin tight wet-suit style top with red and yellow beach shorts and only has flip flops on to protect his feet.

Want to play Subway Surfers with Brody then you need 350,000 coins.

A Zombie Subway Surfer and most people think zombies are way cool right so heres the only zombie in Subway Surfers.

She has Purple hair and green zombie skin, she has a red checked crop top with denim hotpants and grey under tights and some cool red cowboy boots. Get saving for Zoe though as shes 120,000.

Tricky is the female version of Subway Surfers main character Jake, with her stylish geeky glasses her Red over sized beenie hat and white short armed vest top. she has some baggy jeans on with her red pants on show.

You don’t buy Tricky which is cool, all you need to do is collect 3 Beenie hats from the mystery boxes which are collected in game this then unlocks Tricky in the character selection.


King is slightly tubby looking but you can still make him run just as fast as some of the other skinnier characters. King comes in red shorts and a blue t shirt that says “I’m #1″ and he also has a paper crown.

King will set you back 80000 coins in the game to buy him so hes not massively cheap.

Roberto (Rome Special)

Roberto is a character that’s only available in the Rome World Tour game, don’t worry though if you fork out 95000 coins then you will get to keep him when the game moves on to the next destination.

He’s got that proper model look and is clearly a scooter rider with his open faced helmet and goggles, his helmet also has the Italian colours on Red White and Green, he wears a tracksuit styled top and chino shorts with hi top trainers.

Carmen (Rio Special)

Carmen is the Rio special Character and due to this shes dress in full carnival costume ready to dance the day away. Shes costs 95,000 which seems to be the standard rate for special characters.

Carmen is the first women special character women that can be bought as part of the world tour. don’t worry about loosing her when the Tour moves on as she will stay with you on the Subway Surfers World Tour.

Carmen looks to be a young Brazilian native. She comes complete with head gear which has green feathers in and a golden style headband. A short crop top vest a flowy skirt with green leggings underneath.