Subway Surfers is brought to you by 2 games publishers Kiloo Games and Sybo Games.
It is clearly incredibly dangerous to play on railway lines, but you can satiate that urge and have plenty of fun on your mobile phone, all courtesy of the colourful world of Subway Surfers.

This game is free to download for iOS and Android devices and features all of the simple yet addictive entertainment you will have come to expect from other casual titles.

Subway Surfers is free to download, so anyone with some time to kill should give it a look. But if your smartphone is almost out of memory and you will have to do some juggling to squeeze another game on-board, should you bother getting this game?

There are three different characters to control and you will need to run, ride, surf and grind your way along a number of different railway environments, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles as you go.

Changing the position of your avatar is as simple as swiping your phone’s touchscreen. The controls are quick and responsive, as well as being sufficiently intuitive to allow you to pick up and play without a steep learning curve.

There are a number of power-ups and special abilities to explore, including a jetpack that is powered by paint and a hoverboard that will let you live the dream of surfing above solid ground, made famous in Back to the Future Part II.

The game is fast and frenetic and the developers have added new levels and locales during a variety of updates, including New York. This means the content will keep coming once you have it installed.

The 3D environments rendered in Subway Surfers have an appealing and cohesive cartoon art style, with each character getting bags of personality.

Obstacles and pick-ups are equally easy on the eye and the kid-friendly aesthetic masks a game that actually becomes quite challenging if you progress far enough.

The app is optimised for use with the iPhone’s Retina Display, so the graphics look particularly crisp and attractive when viewed on one of Apple’s high-res handsets.

While it may not be as photo-realistic or impressive as current mobile powerhouses such as Infinity Blade, Subway Surfers is not really trying to compete. Instead it perfects the look of a casual game and changes the scenery regularly enough to ensure that you will not want to put it down.

Many people forget how important sound can be to a gaming experience. Without the squeaks and squawks of Angry Birds, or its catchy theme tune, it is hard to imagine that it would have become such a big hit.

Happily, Subway Surfers does not disappoint in this area, with a driving soundtrack and lots of neat effects that make it feel as though you have really progressed when you pick up coins, activate a power-up or complete a stage.

In all, this is a game that does not short change the user in any areas, representing an engaging package that will not cost you a penny and will keep you playing for as long as you have the time to spare.

Subway Surfers is an endless running game much like the recent online smash hit Temple Run, but Subway Surfers offers a slightly different style of game play. Your always running down a straight line with Subway Surfers over making Left and Right turns to keep on course, but you do have 3 subway tracks to run / surf along. Also there is the height element which adds a really cool new dimension to mobile gaming. You’re able to run up the back of selected opened trains and then this allows you to run along the roofs of the trains colleting coins. This may seem easy but your train will run out after 3 maybe 4 carriages so if you spot another to the left or right then swap over quickly to carry on.

Whilst you’re running along the ground in Subway Surfers you need to keep an eye out for Buffer Stops theres a few so we’ve broken them down below:

Roll Unders

This is a double bar both top and bottom with a solid middle section, you can only roll under these. However they are jump-able if you have Bouncy Super Sneakers.





Jump Overs

This is a single bar Jump Over as the solid bottom forces you to jump.







Under Overs

Below is a picture of what we call an “Under Over”. This is a obstacle that can be rolled under or jumped over and features one single bar.




Whilst your running there will be trains approaching you so keep an eye out for these as once your hit its game over.

Keep an eye out for letters with a shimmer effect around them as these are set as part of a daily challenge by the creators of Subway Surfers collecting all the letters at any point throughout the day will render you with a special prize usually coins or an object once the 24 hour time has finished counting. It doesn’t matter if you collect these coins in 5 minutes die 10 times trying to get them or it takes you all of the allowed 24 hours once you’ve got one it’s saved for the day.

Currently Subway Surfers is only available for Android phone and iOS aKa iPhones there is no online playable version, but if the game keeps topping the charts and stays popular then who knows, we could soon have an online playable version of Subway Surfers. Hopefully this will be a free to play version which will keep the game popular.